Newily designed

ORT Italia presents NEW 3RP80
The first fully automatic Thread Rolling Machine

  • Automatic calculation of both tilting and shifting angle (less than 2 minutes to have the correct phase without losing any raw component).
  • Specific devices to automatically position the working rolls in their suitable calculated angle.
  • Automatic settlement of the requested manufacturing cycles amount for any specific thread to be done (considering dimensions and material).
  • Accuracy in controlling. Moment by moment, the thread penetration.
  • Precise definition and control of the mechanical strength which affect the workpiece in any phase of the manufacturing cycle, finalized to protect rolls’ life.
  • Carrying out in fully automatic conditions all the steps required for any particular manufacturing sequence.
  • Continuous control of the workpiece feed to respect the rolling length.
  • Specially designed software to automatic compensate the small frame’s deflections.
  • New fully designed frame to ensure really high rigidity without making the machine’s structure excessively heavy.