The 2RP series is perfectly suitable for all types of threading and cold forming on cylindrical components according to all the standards (ISO , ACME , TPN, WORM SCREWS, etc.). It is equipped with two rolling spindles driven by directly connected brushless motors. The 2RP series individualize two movable heads which allows the work piece to rotate in one fixed position during rolling, this improves the forming process and simplifies the loading/unloading system for long bars. Its pressing force is ranging from 100 kN to 1200 kN.

The 2RP model has been developed to allow fast and precise plunge and throughfeed rolling operations and it can be equipped with PLC or CNC control unit.


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Product Description

Cold forming advantages:

  • Low cycle time
  • Low cost production per part
  • Improved mechanical properties of material
  • Outstanding surface quality
  • High precision
  • No material waste

All the series can be provided with the following optional:

  • Automatic Rolling Phase System.
  • Self-positioning of the horizontal working angle.
Max pressure (kN)180033005000800012500
Max workpiece diameter (mm)60100120140200
Min workpiece diameter (mm)23444
Max die width (mm)150200250300350
Max pitch (mm)510141620
Spindles diameter (mm)5469.85801001007120
Weight (kg)180035005000600011000