Story made by future

  • 1967

    ORT Italia presents the world's first three-roll machine with hydraulic pressure.
  • 1964

    ORT Italia was founded in Trigolo - Italy, to produce rolling machines.
  • 1972

    Luciano Cavagnoli shows one of the first thread rolling machines on an international exhibition.
  • 1984

    ORT Italia projects their first polishing LE machine.
  • 1988

    The company introduced the numerical control technology which increased the accuracy and expanded the range of applications of the rolling machines.
  • 1991

    The success of projecting team is giving the result in first railway screw bolts machine – CF line.
  • 1996

    ORT Italia expose FIN machine – projected to roll fin tubes.
  • 2002

    ORT Italia presents the machines series with progressive rollers for spline shafts production.