Why are we different than the others!

Find out about the new technologies for thread rolling machines:

Automatic dies matching research and related auto – pitching

Rapid and effective – the only tools’ positioning system independent from the dies.

Studied for a more flexible production, this option allows to set up the thread rolling machine in less than 100 seconds and without any waste of material.

Through the use of a specific probe and the input of few data (Ødies; Øworkpiece and pitch), the rolling machine is able to calculate and actuate the most suitable setup in a totally autonomous and automatic way.

Increase the efficiency of your rolling machine without reducing quality and productivity

Driven by the need to minimize energy consumption and to meet the demands of Industry 4.0, the new hydraulic system, designed and patented by the company MICO Ltd., saves more than 80% of the hydraulic energy usage (about 60 % of total energy). The result has been obtained by the separation of energy production from its usage. In other words, the only consumed energy is the one actually used during machining operations. Thanks to this innovative system, it is no longer required the activity of hydraulic oil cooling, allowing further energy savings as well as maintenance cost reduction.

Automatic computing of process parameters

Born from the experience of over 50 years of thread rolling, the new human-machine interface, introduced on all the ORT Italia thread rolling machines series, allows a quick and easy set up according to poka-yoke  method (mistake-proofing).

It is enough to enter some easily accessible relevant data to workpiece and dies to get in a quick and completely automatic way the full machine’s setup.

To use our machines you do not need well skilled operator, the experience is already installed on the machine.

Automatic device to tilt dies axes

Developed for through feed rolling, the device for automatic dies’ inclination allows the modification of machine’s setup in a quickly and precise way – positioning tolerances are less than one hundredth of a degree. It also presents an hydraulic clamping system that thanks to its 4 tons of pressure guarantees compliance with the request of the inclination during the entire working process. It grants a very high repeatability, superior to any other tilting system, whether manual or automatic.

New structure designed to improve rigidity and process reliability

The rigidity is probably the most important feature for the thread rolling operations, influencing:


• Production time;

• Dies’s life;

• Others.

Driven by the demands of a market which is increasingly looking for quality and compliance of very tight tolerances, we redesigned our product’s structures and we present them by introducing the new Future line.

Combining the experience of our customers with FEM studies analysis, we created rolling machines able to withstand all their nominal effort without deflections larger than 0.01 mm.


Developed in collaboration with EOPTIS, society active from several years in the field of dimensional analysis using laser observations; the “real time thread analysis” of the geometries under production allows the thread rolling machine to adjust the working parameters in a completely autonomous way. The device is particularly suited to roll ball screws rather than bars. In other words, all those processes where the pitch error is a discriminant of the goodness of the same. Theories of Factory 4.0 does not allow anymore to verify the good result at the end of production, reducing the productivity and increasing the waste, the innovation presented here describes the commitment of ORT ITALY to fulfill the new demands of the market.