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ORT ITALIA is a company leader in rolling machines field. Our brand is well known all over the world and it means quality, technical knowledge and reliability. Hundreds of big companies in many fields have had the possibility to develop and grow during the years thanks to ORT rolling machines.

Our main strong points are continuous technological innovation, our products big versatiliy and customization: we don’t just produce the machines, but we also supply “turn key” solutions and full automatic production lines.

8 different rolling machines series

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Production process

The machine frame is made in electric welding steel in our internal specialized department, such as all the machining of every mechanical component.

Each production step is subjected to strict control and test to grant the conformity to the design.

The mechanical assembling, electric cabinet, wiring connection and software development are made in the new facility of Ticengo.

CNC advantages

The application of CNC during rolling processes allow to gain several advantages:

  • Complete management of working process (pressure curve);
  • Flexibility in the implementation of the working cycles: quick machine setup and dedicated control to frequent product changes;
  • High frequencies of execution and control;
  • Increased productivity and thus overall efficiency of the machine;
  • Versatility: you can make the most different and customized working cycles;
  • Simple and flexible automation;
  • Instant control of all types of alarms (for axis positioning/movement rather than all the production system’s devices);
  • Optimal network integration.