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Passion, knowledge, intellectual intelligence, combined with the strength of the machine, distinguish the philosophy of ORT ITALIA.

Founded in 1964 by Luciano e Paolo Cavagnoli, ORT ITALIA has produced more than 4.000 machines, installed all around the world: our brand designed the world’s first three-slides machine managed by hydraulic movements, going on in the following decades with more and more important innovations such as the use of servomotors, CNC technology, expanding the machines range, asserting ORT ITALIA trade mark in the world as sign of quality and reliability.

The trade mark has been acquired in 2013 by the company Jam Jovis of Mr. Franco Mizzotti to realize a strong synergy between the two companies: with the new ownership and a team of technicians with experience in designing of machines a great impulse to the innovation and development has been realized with the achievement of the new rolling machines series EVOLUTION.

The final result is a new range of machineries with a fully redesigned strong frame, a full automatic machine set-up and high precise adjustment solutions to satisfy the more and more strict requirement of our customers.

The new projects have been developed to fulfill every request of automation, flexibility and customization through the wide experience of ORT ITALIA.

Our R&D department is always studying new solutions to increase the use of the rolling process instead of the most traditional process of machining: analyzing the customer requests with our technical confidence, creativity and know how, ORT ITALIA is developing new machines and production lines becoming one of the worldwide leader of the thread and profile rolling technology.

A new innovative machine type without the use of Hydraulic movement is actually under development.

A history made of future


ORT ITALIA has been founded by Cavagnoli brothers in Trigolo, Italy


First three dies rolling machine driven by Hyd pack


ORT ITALIA take part to international exhibitions


ORT ITALIA develops the first machine for finishing burnishing operation type LE60


Application of CNC technology to the rolling processes


The new special machines for spline rolling operation (SPLINEX) and hot rolling process for sleeper screws are born


Production of the FIN type machines for finned tubes


The brand has been acquired by Jovis of Mizzotti family in order to create a strong sinergy between the two companies. The new machines “EVOLUTION” have been developed


Development of the new Spline Rollin Machine 2MS3 and 2MS5

Production process

After the acquisition of the brand ORT ITALIA from company Jovis Alta Meccanica, there has been the creation of preconditions in order to effect the complete production process of rolling machines inside of the companies group with consequent advantage both in delivery time and development.

Machines frames are electro welded and worked in our internal specialized departments, such as all the machining of every mechanical components.

Each production step is subjected to strict control and test to grant the conformity of the design. The mechanical assembling, electric cabinet, wiring connection and software development are made in the facility of Ticengo.

The pre testing and the final test are effected with our technicians and those of the customer, in order to obtain the complete satisfaction and the best and execution of the production cycle.

The final test and the installation are integrated part of the production cycle and they are effected with our technicians at customer plant.

The synergy between Jovis Alta Meccanica and ORT ITALIA warranties an efficient after sales service of spare parts, in order to avoid any inacceptable stop production to their customers.

We can state that the realization of our machines began from raw material and thanks to the complete productions departments, it is fully ended “in house”.


ORT ITALIA Since 1964 s.r.l. is certified Iso 9001: 2015 at nr. 1196

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