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Rolling process technology is more and more requested thanks to its main advantages of cost reduction of rolled products, improvement of mechanical features, quality of product: for these reasons rolled products application is diffusing in many fields.


In the past few years ORT ITALIA has developed several innovative solutions dedicated to the most technologically advanced fields such as automotive. The use of rolling machines with two or three rollers in this field has become increasingly developed due to the growing increase of products made from highly resistant materials and due to the creation of components for automation and regulation devices to be found in new generation vehicles: the performance of the products rolled using our processes guarantee a high level of quality and maximum repeatability closely connected with total management of the production process. Our rolling machines are also able to work several types of profiles: continuous and with more than one beginning, recirculating ball screws, splines and knurling. In order to complete Customer service our company has also developed and continues to implement new customized automation solutions.

Tractors and trucks

Constant innovation has been added to the rolling machines in order to create splines, knurling, milling and serrations used for the ideal transmission between the engine shafts and the rotors or for any requirements related to coupling. The SPLINEX rolling machines are made with a controlled axle tailstock, easily integrated into any automation solution, they are the very best available to optimize the production of these components. Our range includes rolling machines from 18 to 100 kN according to all of the production requirements.


“Total quality”: this is the priority of the Aerospace field and ORT ITALIA has always been able to satisfy this requirement in the production of Titanium and Titanium alloy screws made from a cold welded or preheated induction process. Recent additions to our range that are having great success in this field are the Full Electric Driven rolling machines with transmission made exclusively using servomotors on all of the axles and handled by the CNC.


The creation of infrastructures, new sports and civil buildings, structural and territorial consolidation in general, they all require specific products made using rolling processes. Cold deformation guarantees a high level of rapid processing, the absence of shavings and therefore resulting in savings in raw materials, quality and higher resistance.


Stud Bolts and Anchor Bolts for the creation of the foundations, nuts and bolts and linkage for fixing of the wind towers: these are the main products for this field that is constantly expanding and closely connected with the Green Economy. With a view to constant technological renewal, ORT ITALIA makes machines, accessories and equipment that can satisfy increasingly complex demands.


Screws for railway armament such as dowels and fish bolts, nuts and bolts for railway carriages and roll forming, threading on conic tubes for the distribution of compressed air and air conditioning systems represent some of the products of the railway field that require a rolling process. ORT ITALIA develops all kinds of rolling machines suitable for these kinds of applications. Special importance is given to the rolling plants of the railway dowels: these products are rolled at a temperature between 1,100 and 1200°C and ORT ITALIA can supply the complete line with induction preheating oven and all automation necessary, therefore providing the turnkey project.

Oil and Gas

Another essential field for the production of energy is Oil and Gas and mining extractions. Linkages made from high temperature steel and alloys, valves, finned tubes and fittings in general are products that are rolled with the machines produced by ourselves: two or three roller rolling machines, special machines for tube ends, machines for corrugated tubes are a tradition of the know-how of ORT ITALIA.